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About Connect Pacific

Commencing  operation in 2002, Connect Pacific was created by experts from a diverse  background of telecommunications operators, telecom equipment and software vendors, software development start-ups and international IT and Telecoms standards development.  We provide consultation on both business and technology, and offer business and sales development for innovative products solving both new and old IT problems. We pro-actively work with start-ups to assist them in their sales and marketing efforts and, sometimes, we become active investors.

What We Do


Supporting Your Business

Connect Pacific is a Consulting, Business Development, and seed investment company offering products and services to the Telecommunications and IT/Network Security industries.

Specific competencies are Mobility/Wireless, Power Assurance, Defence/Security and emerging enabling technologies in these sectors


Combined Experience

Connect Pacific brings deep experience in telecommunications (switching and routing), IT / Network Security with "start-up" agility and a no fuss engagement model. We bring  a diverse set of skill sets to focus on your requirements be they business development and consulting or technology development and consulting.


Track Record

Since 2002, we have 

- enabled technology companies to get started and be successful in Australia, 

- developed large revenue streams for innovative telecom solutions, 

- created new business for Security Test solutions in both government and business



Business Development and Consulting

With over 30 years involvement with small starts-ups to large global technology companies, we bring a breadth of perspective that you may not have when considering "next steps" or "pivots" in product development, sales strategy, or sales engagement. Engage us to consult on your challenge  through to being part of your team to create new business opportunities. Our network of like-minded and trusted professionals enable  access to senior stakeholders in the telecoms and IT / Network Security market place in Australia.


Technical Consulting

Connect Pacific people bring years of lived experience in telecommunications technologies to our consulting engagements. Our expertise in ROUTING, OSS, SECURITY and TEST & MEASUREMENT fills widening gaps that are emerging in the telco work force today. Engagement ranges from high level consulting through to hands-on delivery.


Virtual Country Manager

Connect Pacific's Virtual Country Manager service enables non-Australian based technology companies to create a presence in Australia and to undertake early stage assessment and qualification of  potential success of their product or solution in this market without the overheads of setting up a company outpost structure. Download the VCM document or Contact us for more information.

Product and service partners



Niometrics saw the need for a different breed of analytics technology, a different approach in deriving answers and solving problems. We believe it  takes a different kind of company. This is why Niometrics exists.

SensorFu, SensorFleet and BADRAP.IO

An OPEN SYSTEMS approach to monitoring and alerting on Network Cyber Security. .

SensorFU provides an Automated 24x7 beacon solution which advises how, when and where your network leaks. SensorFU provides customers assurance that their security policies are, and stay, sealed. Integrated with SPLUNK, it allows your SOC team to immediately address network leakage issues. 

SensorFleet takes a radical new approach and provides you an open sensor platform with a configurable set of instruments in secured containers.

BADRAP.IO  Delivering security information to the people

Society and individuals need safety to progress and prosper. Regular people need help with their cybersecurity, and we see security experts with information and the ability to help.

Dust Photonics

Enabling revolutionary cost-effective short to mid-range optical communications for cloud, data centers, HPC and enterprise networks Generation Data Center Optics. Dust Photonics supplies 100G and 400G MMF  transceivers and AOCs with world leading MTBF figures based on superior heat dissipation and enhanced signal integrity. SMF products available Q3 2019.


RealWear® is a knowledge transfer platform company providing in-situ information and in-the-field training with software and hardware to help people improve safety and increase productivity at work. The company’s flagship product, the HMT-1®, is the best ruggedized head-mounted, wearable, Android-class tablet computer that frees a worker’s hands for dangerous jobs. With an ever-growing number of hands-free software solutions, enterprise customers gain instant knowledge with remote mentor, document navigation, industrial IoT visualization and digital workflow solutions.


Improve your existing WAN, Wi-Fi or mobile network’s performance by up to 10x, and future-proof it for 5G with Badunetworks warpTCP product. warpTCP removes TCP congestion, freeing up network resources and capacity by reducing re-transmits and timeouts. warpTCP delivers real-world performance improvement  results for large enterprise and carrier customers.

Linkdata Australia

Battery Storage is fundamental to integrating renewable energy technologies into a grid. Linkdata Australia provides consumer grade and network grade ESS products from one of China's leading ESS vendors - Panasonic China / Linkdata

On Tap Marketing

Since 2005, the OTM Company has been delivering client projects that span major corporates, government, small to medium enterprises and community service providers. 


Virtual Country Manager (pdf)



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