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Connect Pacific focuses on outcomes

Connect Pacific represents and has been successful for :-


- Linkdata (China) Australian Agent and Distributor of Linkdata's Power Assurance range of products [download Catalog below]

- Sensor Fu for Sales and Delivery of Network Beacons for security assurance

- Piceasoft for Sales of Piceasoft Mobile device life-cycle management PiceaSwitch and PiceaDiagnostics products


- Virdata (A Technicolor Company) - distribution and sales of the Virdata IoT Platform

- Connectem world-leading Virtual EPC based on SDN and NFV and sold to Brocade Networks

- CIQUAL for Sales and Delivery of Ciqual's Mobile Broadband Customer Assurance range of products

- Wadaro in Australia, delivering a true measure of network service experience by crowd sourcing information from each and every subscriber

- ManageEngine range of "On-Line" products and developer kits to clients such as Australian Department of Defence, Boeing Integrated Defense Systems, Alcatel, Ericsson, 4RF - ManageEngine is a Zoho product.

- Connect Pacific offers the Virtual Country Manager service

Success Timeline ...
MAY 2015 - Linkdata and Connect Pacific develop 96VDC LiFePO4 battery for Hybrid Grid connect application
MAR 2015 - Connectem acquired by Brocade Networks

OCT 2014 - Comdate launches Comdate Security Systems at AISA National Conference
JUN 2014 - Connectem goes LIVE at Telekom Croatia
JUN 2014 - Linkdata LiFePO4 batteries in trial with largest Australian telco
FEB 2014 - Compass-EOS in trial by Australian CSP

NOV 2013 - Connectem commences trial with AT&T
AUG 2013 - Connect Pacific signs up as distributor for Linkdata's Power Assurance products for Telco and Data Centres
JUL 2013 - Connectem extends trial in Australian based Singapore Carrier
JUN 2013 - Connectem signs 2 trial agreements with EU Carriers
APR 2013 - Compass-EOS photonic routers available in Australia - contact us
MAR 2013 - BreakingPoint underpins Comdate SAS for Network Security
DEC 2012 - Connectem Pilots Virtualised LTE EPC in OPTUS
NOV 2012 - Connect Pacific and Wadaro team for SIM based Customer Experience
SEP 2012 - CIQUAL releases LTE Customer Experience Study Package
AUG 2012 - CIQUAL releases iOS and Android Experience App
MAY 2012 - SPRINT signs up trial of Connectem Virtual Core
MAR 2012 - Retail CSP deploys CIQUAL for Mobile Broadband Customer Care
MAR 2012 - Australian Mobility CSP signs up to trial Connectem
OCT 2011 - ENDACE and Connect Pacific partner for Sales in Australia
OCT 2011 - VHA extends the BOSS-PORTAL Operations System
SEP 2011 - Connect Pacific and CIQUAL wins deal with China UNICOM
JUN 2011 - Comdate supplies Large Scale Automated Test Suite to NBNCo
MAR 2011 - Connect Pacific invests in Connectem VCM

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